Department of Ophthalmology, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine


It is my pleasure to write to you as the 11th Representative Professor of the storied Department of Ophthalmology, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine on this occasion. This department, with a history spanning over 130 years, has seen its alumni go into the medical field and make important contributions to medicine. Bearing the weight and wonder of their achievements, I hope to take a new step towards the future.

The mission of the clinical department in medicine lies in treatment, research, and education.

Our department revolves around five specializations of the cornea, glaucoma, the vitreous, ocular function, and reconstructive surgery, and has built a specialty outpatient clinic for various services in dry eye, allergies, keratoconus and contact lenses, uveitis, neuro-ophthalmology, low vision, and SJS (Stevens-Johnson Syndrome). Providing the best care for patients means you need a medical team with a good relationship of trust. Founded on a stable relationship based on mutual trust and respect, we will further enhance our outpatient services, hoping to provide optimal care with the whole department, including related medical institutions.

Aiming for optimal care means working with various new treatments. We offer new treatments as part of clinical research or clinical trials, and we want to be involved in delivering that care safely to patients. Additionally, we aim to be a trusted medical group in cooperation with pharmacists and other allied health professionals.

Many incurable or difficult-to-treat diseases exist. Basic research based on an understanding of ocular diseases will lead to breakthroughs in medical conditions and treatments for the next generation. Avidly and humbly, we work in clinical research, and hope to develop as a group with friendly competition.

My hope is that with optimal care and by putting cutting-edge research into practice, we will educate the next generation and create a specialist ophthalmologist group that will be trusted by patients and medical staff.

I thank everyone for their support and guidance.

August 1, 2015
Professor Chie Sotozono